The Culture & Technology Podcast

The Culture & Technology Podcast

What is Data?

There’s a lot of hype around the word data these days. But what’s less clear is its exact meaning – and its relationship with culture.

For Episode 5 of the podcast, media theorist Paul Feigelfeld is joined by technologist and entrepreneur Dr. Sabine Seymour, who recently joined the Polypoly Cooperative to give people more control over their personal data. The two debunk the many myths swirling around this hot topic, from the history of computer science to AI’s black box and the future of equitable data development.

Theatre in a Pandemic

When we’re unable to gather in person, unable to experience the magic of encounters and exchange in physical proximity, what is lost?

For the bonus Episode 4 of the Culture and Technology Podcast – recorded in German – two friends and doyennes of theatre, actor Mavie Hörbiger and costume designer Aino Laberenz pick up the phone to consider how the pandemic’s restrictions have cast new light on their metier. By calling into question the relevance of art in times of crisis, they find its role to be of existential importance.

Collecting Digital Objects

When an object consists of bits instead of atoms, how do you preserve and display it for future generations?

For Episode 3 of the Culture and Technology Podcast, two pioneers of digital culture curation, Natalie Kane at London’s V&A and Marlies Wirth at Vienna’s MAK, discuss the digital objects and share the challenges and rewards of collecting art that tells the story of our current moment – from Amazon Echo to the Women’s March Pussyhat.

Art’s Role in Our New Extended Reality

What if technology could help us transcend the limits of our own brains and bodies, and connect us to the experiences of other living beings? That’s precisely what artist Barnaby Steel and his studio Marshmallow Laser Feast invite you to do through their multisensory installations and virtual reality interfaces.

For Episode 2 of the Culture and Technology Podcast, Eva Fischer, curator and initiator of CIVA Vienna’s new media art festival, talks to Barney about how VR can help us to reconnect with the world beyond our filter bubbles.

The Relationship Between Culture and Technology

What feelings does technology evoke? Thanks to pop culture, Hollywood, and the media, technological narratives tend to swing between the utopic or dystopic – the glorious or the terrifying.

For Episode 1 of The Culture and Technology Podcast, we invite Professor of Anthropology Shannon Mattern and media theorist and curator Paul Feigelfeld to deconstruct the concept and explore its intersections with culture.

Introducing the Culture and Technology Podcast

The Culture and Technology Podcast explores how technology is rewiring the future of cultural production and experiences.

Host Severin Matusek has spent the last decade researching how technology transforms culture, communities and society. In this virtual salon, together with Vienna's Business Agency, he brings together Vienna’s creative thinkers with international experts to offer insights into the way culture is changing – and the new communities, spaces and experiences emerging along the way.

About this podcast

How is technology changing culture? From exhibition design to the performing arts, we invite leading curators, researchers, artists and cultural experts to explore how technology is shaping the future of cultural experiences and sparking new opportunities in the process.

The Culture & Technology Podcast is a virtual salon — hosted by the Vienna Business Agency together with Severin Matusek. Each conversation pairs Viennese creatives with an international expert to discuss a topic, entertain a thought and share their knowledge through conversation. 

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